Drag and drop an image to your mural
Grab an image from your computer or the web and drag it onto your canvas.
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Mural supports dragging and dropping images from your computer directly onto the canvas. You can drag an image from your desktop, file explorer, downloads folder, or anywhere else on your computer. You can also drag images directly from the web.

To drag and drop an image from your computer onto your canvas:

  1. Find the image file on your computer.

  2. Click and drag the image file directly onto the canvas of your mural.

To drag and drop an image from the web onto your canvas:

  1. Open your mural in one browser window.

  2. Find the image you want in another browser window.

  3. Click and hold the image.

  4. Drag the image into the browser window with your mural.

  5. Drop the image onto the canvas.

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