"Paste-as" functionality
Choose how you want multiple lines of copied text to appear when pasting them into your mural.
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You have four options when pasting multiple lines of text onto your canvas: paste into a single paragraph, multiple sticky notes, multiple paragraphs, or (in some cases) paste as an image. How the pasted text shows up in your mural depends on text length, what app you copied from, and what permissions you've granted.

After you paste your copied text onto your canvas, you can quickly change how it appears using the paste-as functionality.

Note: The steps below only apply to pasting multiple lines of text. If your copied text has at least one line break, you’ll have the option to select how it’s pasted (paragraph, sticky notes, multiple paragraphs, image). If you’re pasting a single line of copied text, you won’t see the paste-as option.

To change how your pasted text appears on your canvas:

  1. Copy the multiple lines of text you want to paste to your mural.

  2. Right-click the canvas and select Paste.

  3. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Paste as icon.

  4. Select how you want your text to display:

    1. Single paragraph.

    2. Multiple sticky notes.

    3. Multiple paragraphs.

    4. Image. (The availability of this option depends on the app you copied from.)

You can change between these options as many times as you’d like as long as you haven’t clicked out of the selection of your pasted text objects. Once you click the canvas outside of the pasted selection, the only way to change the object types is to use the Switch type function of the formatting menu. Or, delete the objects you pasted and run through the above steps again.

Note: When you paste copied text into your mural, formatting is stripped from the text. So, if the text you copied has bold words, italics, or different fonts, the text will land as Mural’s default font, free of formatting. If you want certain words formatted differently within one text object, we recommend using a paragraph instead of a sticky note. Or, if the origin app supports it, you can paste the copied text as an image.

For more information on pasting from spreadsheets or documents, check out our Paste from and to spreadsheets and documents article.

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