Designate facilitators
Make someone a facilitator so they can use Facilitation Superpowers® like the timer, laser pointer, and more.
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If you’re the owner of a mural, you can designate other collaborators in that mural as facilitators. This grants them access to Facilitation Superpowers®.

Note: You can only make guests facilitators on Mural’s Enterprise plan. To make a guest a facilitator, a company admin must first enable this feature on the company dashboard.

To designate facilitators:

  1. Click the Members icon in the top right corner of the mural.

  2. Click the name of the collaborator you want to designate as a facilitator.

  3. Select Can facilitate from the permissions dropdown for that collaborator.

Now, you’ll see a star beside that collaborator’s icon showing that they are a facilitator. You can also grant facilitation permissions from the mural members page.

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