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Welcome to your Team+ plan! This introductory article will help familiarize you with user (collaborator) types and permissions as part of your Team+ plan with Mural.

Note: This is the only help center article that's specific to Team+. Each of our plans differ a bit depending on the need of the customer. We recommend bookmarking this article and reaching out to Mural Support if you have any further questions.


Collaborator types

Not everyone has the same collaboration needs in Mural. We get that. To help facilitate efficient collaboration, Mural has different collaborator types and offers different permissions based on each person’s role.

Your Team+ plan has two collaborator types: members and visitors.

  • What is a member in Mural? - A member is a registered user who has full access to the collaboration features and content available in your plan. Members are typically part of your core team as they need full access to Mural and your workspace(s).

  • What is a visitor in Mural? - A visitor is a non-registered user who is invited to collaborate temporarily, with limited access to collaboration features, in specific murals. You’d invite a visitor if you want a person to have temporary access to a mural.

Note: As you're reading through other articles, you may see mentions of "guests" as another collaborator type. Team+ plans have the option of members or visitors, but not guests. So, you can skip those article sections.

Tips and tricks when collaborating

Here are some helpful resources so you can feel like a pro when collaborating with others in Mural:

Before a session

During a session

  • Present your content - No need to launch that old, unwieldy presentation app when you can present your content directly from a mural.

  • Hide cursors on the canvas - Maintain focus in a mural by hiding your cursor or those of your collaborators.

  • Follow collaborators - See what other collaborators are seeing in a mural by following them. Or, share your view with them.

  • Facilitation Superpowers® - A special set of features for those conducting workshops and meetings to help you save time and stay in control of your sessions.

After a session

We hope you feel better-equipped for your journey in Mural. As always, if you have any questions, reach out to Mural Support. Or, for a deeper dive on Mural, check out our Resources and support article.

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