When working in a mural, you can access Giphy’s image library right from the images panel of the sidebar. There, you can enter a search term, browse available GIFs, and add them to your canvas.

Note: Before you can access Giphy from your murals, you need to connect your workspace to the Giphy integration.

To add a GIF to your canvas:

  1. In your mural, click the Images icon in the left sidebar.

  2. Select Giphy.

  3. Type a search term.

  4. Click a GIF to add it to your canvas. Or, drag and drop a GIF directly where you want it.

Now, you can position your shiny new GIF however you want! Drag it around until you find its perfect home, and resize it so it gets just the right amount of attention. For more on using accessible GIFs, read our Best practices for accessible GIFs article.

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