When it’s time to present your mural’s content, you can do so seamlessly using the outline you’ve already built. Simply share your screen and enter presentation mode.

Looking for other tips on facilitating a session? Visit the facilitation section of our help center.

To enter presentation mode:

  1. Click the Outline icon in the top right corner of your mural.

  2. Click the Presentation mode icon.

  3. Click the arrows ( < and > ) at the bottom of the screen to move from one outline item to the next.

When you’re in presentation mode, your regular canvas toolbars disappear. Instead, you’ll see presentation options in the top right of the screen:



Enter fullscreen (A)

Zooms your view so your mural fits your entire screen.

Turns your cursor into a laser pointer so your participants can follow along more easily.

Celebrate (C)

Displays a confetti animation across your mural.

Broadcast cursor (D)

Toggles your cursor on or off for your participants to see.

Outline (E)

Displays or hides your mural’s outline.

Exit (F)

Closes presentation mode.

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