As your mural evolves, so too will your outline. Each outline step has a three-dot menu icon (⋮) to the right of the step. When you click the menu icon, you’ll see the following options:

Menu option



Makes the title field of an outline step editable.

Opens the Edit instructions modal where you can add and update instructions or notes for each outline step.

You can also embed a YouTube video.

Link to this step

Creates a unique URL to this specific outline step in this mural. Sharing this link allows collaborators to join your mural and jump to that specific step in the outline.

Note: Make sure to copy the URL to your clipboard.

Remove from outline

Removes the step and any corresponding instructions from the outline.

Note: Deleting an area or object from your canvas will also remove it from the outline if it appears there.

For more on creating an outline, check out the following articles:

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