When building something visual like a mural, it’s easy for us (as the creator) to think the workflow of the page is so obvious. But the collaborators joining your meeting or working on your mural (most likely) can’t read your mind.

Great news: Mural’s outline feature is the next best thing to telepathy. An outline can tell collaborators where to start or where to find a certain section without sending them on a scavenger hunt.

Here are some example use cases of when to use the outline feature:

  • You want collaborators to follow a specific progression of steps.

  • The mural is large with multiple areas.

  • The areas are organized by date, by team, or by person.

Here’s a general rule of thumb: If you’re leading a meeting or workshop and walking people through your mural, use the outline feature. Not only does the outline help your collaborators, it also can help keep you organized and on track.

Note: Did you know you can create and export a PowerPoint of your outline steps?

To open the outline:

  1. Click the Outline icon in the top right corner of your mural.

  2. Each time you click on an outline section, you're taken to that specific area, framework, or object inside the mural.

Note: Only facilitators and mural owners can update the outline. If you aren’t a facilitator and want to be one, reach out to the owner of the mural and ask them to add you. To find a mural owner, click the Members icon in the top right of your mural. You’ll see “mural owner” next to one or more names.

For more on creating an outline, check out the following articles:

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