A template is a pre-made starting point for a new mural. But, before creating a new mural from a template, you may want to check out the template to make sure it's a good fit. This is where the preview option comes in handy.

You can preview a template from your Mural dashboard or from the New mural modal.


Preview a template from the Mural dashboard

You'll see template tiles on your Mural dashboard. These tiles pop up on your Home view, which shows templates based on your role and your Mural collaboration history. Or, you can view all available global templates by clicking Templates in the left sidebar of your dashboard.

To preview a template from the Mural dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the tile of the template you want to preview.

  2. Hover over the template tile.

  3. Click Preview.

Preview a template from the New mural modal

To preview a template from the New mural modal:

  1. Click New mural on the top left of your Mural dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the tile of the template you want to preview.

  3. Click the Preview (eyeball) icon in the top right of the template tile.

Inside a template preview

Once you're inside a template preview, you can scroll around, zoom in and out, and get a feel for the template. From there, you have a handful of options:

Template preview section


Star (A)

Adds the template to a list of your "starred" (favorite) templates in Mural.

New mural from template (B)

Creates a new mural using this template as a starting point.

Outline (C)

Opens the template's outline. The outline will carry over to your mural if you create a new mural from the template.

Share (D)

Opens a share template modal where you can copy a share link for your template or embed a view-only version of your template.

To do nothing and exit a preview, click your browser's back button. Or, if your preview opened in a new tab, close that browser tab.

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