A member is a registered user who has full access to the collaboration features and content available in your plan.

Members are typically part of your core team as they need full access to Mural and your workspace(s). By default, collaborators with an email domain matching what is on your company’s approved list of domains are added as a member to your Mural account.

While members have the widest access to what Mural has to offer (compared to guests and visitors), there are some instances where their access might be limited. The following table lays out a few examples.

When working in Mural, members can:

When working in Mural, members can’t:

  • Log in to Mural.

  • Customize their Mural profile.

  • Create rooms and murals.

  • Create private rooms on Team+, Business, and Enterprise plans.

  • Invite collaborators to rooms and murals.

  • Make use of Mural’s full range of features (unless restricted at the workspace or company level).

  • Join private rooms without an invitation.

  • Invite visitors or guests to a mural if visitors or guests aren’t enabled in their workspace.

  • Edit a mural they’re given view-only access to.

(In general, members can’t use Mural in a way other than how their workspace or company administrators configure their access.)

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