Sometimes your ideas are so great they need to be replicated. Just as you can duplicate individual murals, you can also duplicate entire rooms. Duplicating a room makes a copy of a room and all of its contents, including the folders and murals inside.

Note: Open rooms can be duplicated by any room member. If a room is private, only a room admin can duplicate it. Confidential rooms can’t be duplicated.

When duplicating a room, you can choose whether to automatically share the new room with the same members who have access to the original.

To duplicate a room:

  1. Open the room you want to duplicate.

  2. Click the three-dot menu icon next to the room’s name.

  3. Select Duplicate room.

  4. Type a Room name for the duplicate room.

  5. Select a Workspace where you want the duplicate room to live.

  6. Select/deselect Share the duplicated room with the same members.

  7. Click Duplicate room.

Now, you’re in your duplicated room! If you chose to share the room with the same members as before, they’ll have access. You can also invite new members to your room by clicking Invite members at the top right of the page.

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