If you want access to your Mural content offline, you can export a mural or parts of a mural, such as an area, selection of objects, or the outline. The available export formats are:

  • PDF file.

  • PNG image.

  • PPT (PowerPoint) presentation (only works for the contents of an outline).

  • HTML and data files (zipped).

  • CSV file (sticky notes only).

Note: The maximum resolution for exports is 14000 x 14000, but can be any combination of numbers as long as the area size is the same as 14000 x 14000. For example, 7000 x 28000 would work.


Export the contents of your mural

Below are the steps to export your entire mural or specific content from your mural.

To export the contents of your mural:

  1. From the mural you want to export, click the Download as icon in the top left corner of the screen.

    Alternatively, you can right-click on the canvas and select Download as. Or, hold Control + E (Command + E on Mac) to open the Export window.

  2. Select the format for your export from the Format dropdown.

    1. PDF file.

    2. PNG image.

    3. PPT. (This only works for the contents of an outline.)

    4. HTML and data files (zipped).

    5. CSV spreadsheet (sticky notes only).

  3. Select which parts of the mural you want to export.

    1. All content exports the entire mural. (This is selected by default.)

    2. Selection lets you adjust a selection area to pick specific content.

    3. Outline only exports the sections you’ve added to your outline, in the order of your outline. If you have 10 outline sections, for example, your export will have 10 pages that correspond to each section of the outline.

  4. Click Download.

  5. (Optional) Click Email me a link too in the info bubble if you want a record of the download accessible from your email.

Your mural export will begin momentarily and show up in your computer’s Downloads folder once the download is complete.

If you selected the option to receive an export link, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the exported file. Export links expire after five days.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

  • I want to export my mural so it's editable in another program that my team uses. Is that possible?

    There isn't a way to switch a mural to another program within the app. A potential workaround is to select all of the content from the mural, hold Control + C (Command + C on Mac), and then paste the content directly onto the board of the other app.

  • Can I export multiple murals in bulk?

    You must export your murals one at a time.

  • I followed the steps to download content from my mural, but I don't see the download. What should I do?

    Depending on the size of your mural and how many objects are on it, it may take a couple minutes for the entire file to download. Check your Downloads folder on your computer. If you have any further issues, please reach out to Mural Support.

  • How do I export content from a mobile device?

    Check out our article on exporting a mural from a mobile device.

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