Importing files to a mural is a great way to share extra resources with your colleagues. But sometimes, you might only want to import parts of a larger document. You can do that by extracting pages from a file upload. Mural lets you select a range of pages to extract. Then, those pages are displayed as images on the canvas, separate from your imported file.

Note: You can only extract pages from PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint files.

To extract pages from an imported file:

  1. Click the imported file to select it. (If you haven’t imported a file yet, drag and drop it onto your canvas or use the Import files option in the left sidebar.)

  2. Click the Extract pages icon in the toolbar.

  3. Select All pages (extract every page in your document) or Range (extracts only the specified range of pages).

  4. If extracting a range, type the desired range in the From and To fields.

  5. Click Extract.

Mural generates images for each page indicated and places them directly on the canvas. Now, you can mark up the individual pages using any of Mural’s visual thinking tools. (You can also delete the original imported file if you want to keep your canvas organized.)

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