One of the greatest things about working in a mural is that every collaborator can be working from a different corner of the canvas at once. But sometimes, it's nice to bring everyone together.

By following other collaborators or asking them to follow you, you can share one person's view of a mural.

To follow another collaborator:

  1. Hover over the collaborator's avatar at the bottom of the mural.

  2. Select Follow [collaborator's name].

Now, wherever that person goes in the mural, you'll go too! Your screen automatically zooms to that collaborator's cursor. A message at the bottom of the screen lets you know that you're following them, and it offers a button to Stop. You can also stop following at any time by just scrolling away to a different spot on the canvas.

To ask others to follow you:

  1. Click your own avatar at the bottom of the mural.

  2. Select Ask to be followed.

The other collaborators currently in the mural will see that you've asked to be followed and can do so by clicking Follow in the message window.

You can view a list of people following you at the bottom of the screen, along with an option to Release them.

Tip: If you're facilitating in a mural, you can also summon the other collaborators to your location, automatically showing them your view. For more information, read our Summon participants article.

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