Mural is perfect for collaborating and sharing ideas, but sometimes those ideas are already near-perfect in another form. Rather than recreating documents or resources in a mural, you can link directly to them instead.

You can even add a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video, which lets you watch the video right in the mural! No need to navigate away.

To add a link to a mural:

  1. Copy the URL from wherever you have it handy.

  2. In your mural, press Control + V (Command + V on Mac) to paste.

Now, you have a thumbnail on your canvas that links directly to the pasted URL. If you or your collaborators double-click on the thumbnail, they'll be taken to the link.

Note: When linking the third-party sites, a security warning will appear before redirecting you away from Mural. Click OK to proceed to the site.

If you'd rather attach a link to an object you already have on your canvas, see our Link to or from an object article.

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