A visitor is a non-registered user who is invited to collaborate temporarily, with limited access to collaboration features, in specific murals.

As a mural member, you’d invite a visitor if there’s someone you want to grant temporary access to a mural. Let’s say you want to get someone’s quick thoughts on a project, but they don’t need further access to your Mural workspace. Inviting them as a visitor is the best option. You can also add a password to visitor links or set an expiration window to increase visitor link security.

Here’s a breakdown of visitor permissions in Mural.

When collaborating in a mural, visitors can:

When collaborating in a mural, visitors can’t:

  • View and/or edit the specific murals they’ve been granted access to, depending on the visitor permissions for that specific mural, company, or plan. (Visitors can’t edit murals on the Free plan.)

  • (If enabled) Edit and add content to the mural anonymously (or with their name) without a Mural account. Visitors on a Free plan have view-only permissions to murals they’re invited to.

  • Lock/unlock elements.

  • Invite new collaborators.

  • Export murals.

  • Use the chat feature to chat with other collaborators.

  • Access the mural's activity log.

  • Connect integrations.

  • View the rest of the murals in the room or the workspace.

  • Receive Slack, Teams, or email notifications.

  • Duplicate murals.




I don't see the option to invite visitors. Why?

Not all plans offer visitors. If you can’t seem to invite visitors to your mural, reach out to Mural Support to find out why.

Can I invite visitors via email?

No. Visitors can only be invited using a visitor link.

I granted a visitor view-only permissions. Is there experience limited beyond not being able to make changes to my mural?

Visitors who join with a view link can’t edit, but they will see changes in real-time. They can also follow other collaborators and be followed themselves.

I invited a visitor but they can't edit my mural. Why?

Not all plans offer editing access for visitors. For example, visitors on a Free plan have view-only access to murals. For the best collaborative experience, we recommend inviting collaborators as another user type. In the Free plan, visitors can request edit access from the mural owner and join as a member in order to collaborate.

I granted a visitor editing permissions. Are there limits to how they can edit my mural?

No. Visitors granted editing permissions can contribute to a mural just like anyone else.

If you’re ready to invite visitors to your mural, see our Invite a visitor article.

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