When inviting collaborators to a mural, you have the option of inviting someone as a visitor. A visitor is a collaborator with limited access to a mural. You can invite visitors by copying an invite link directly from the share modal inside your mural. Visitors who access that link are then granted access to your mural. By default, visitors are anonymous, but they can enter their name if they choose.

When generating a visitor link, you can designate what access is granted for two different groups of people who use it:

  • Workspace members.

  • Anyone with the visitor link (non-workspace members).

To invite a visitor to a mural:

  1. Click Share in the top right corner of the mural.

  2. Select the Visitors tab.

  3. Select can view, can edit, or no access from the Workspace members with visitor link dropdown.

  4. Select can view, can edit, or no access from the Anyone with this visitor link dropdown.

  5. Click Copy link and share it however is easiest for you.

You can reset this visitor link at any time by clicking the broken link icon and selecting Reset link. This prevents anyone from using the existing visitor link to access your mural. To allow access again, generate a new link and share it.

If you want to add additional security to your visitor links, see our Password protection and Visitor link expiration articles.

Note: If inviting visitors on the Free plan, visitors will have view-only access to the mural. To edit, visitors can request edit access from the mural owner by entering their name and email to sign up and become a member.

Once requested, the mural owner will receive an email notification with the request and can follow the link to grant or reject access. If access is granted, the visitor is notified via email to sign up so they can edit and collaborate in the mural.

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