Visitor collaboration can often be time-sensitive. Maybe you’re leading a working session or presentation and only want to grant visitor access for a few hours. Or, you could be seeking ideas from outside collaborators but need those ideas submitted before a certain date. To help with that, you can set an expiration window or date for visitor links on murals you own. Visitors lose access to your mural after that time passes, keeping your content secure—all without having to remember to reset the link yourself.

Note: Enterprise plan company administrators can enforce a required expiration window for visitor links. As a mural owner on an Enterprise plan, you can set a visitor link expiration date that is sooner than your company’s default, but you can’t extend it beyond that maximum expiration window.

To enable visitor link expiration in a mural:

  1. Click Share in the top right corner of the mural.

  2. Select the Visitors tab.

  3. Click Visitor link security.

  4. To set a duration window for your link, select Set a duration from the Visitor link expiration dropdown. Then, enter an amount of hours or days for the link to be valid.

  5. To set a specific expiration date, select Set an expiration date from the Visitor link expiration dropdown. Then, select an expiration date.

  6. Click Save expiration.

With your changes saved, the share modal now shows the updated expiration date and time for your visitor link when you hover over the lock icon.

If a visitor tries to use an expired link, they’ll see a notification letting them know their access has expired. To grant visitor access after that date, share a new visitor link.

With an expiration date set, you can also choose to receive an email reminding you when a link is set to expire. To receive an email reminder about links expiring soon, select the Send me an email before this link expires checkbox in the share modal. With this selected, you’ll receive an email three days before the link expires.

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