Comments are a great way to add or receive feedback in a mural. With a comment, you can let your colleagues know how well they’ve done, ask your colleagues questions, or even save a note for your future self. When you leave a comment, you can tag a collaborator so they’re notified directly via email (or Slack, if enabled) and never miss a beat.


Add a comment

You can add a comment anywhere on a mural’s canvas. Or, you can add a comment to an object so the two are linked. If the object gets moved, so does the comment.

To add a comment:

  1. Right-click on the canvas or an object.

  2. Select Add comment from the context menu.

  3. Type your comment. To tag a collaborator, type @ followed by the collaborator’s name. Then, click the collaborator's name to select it.

  4. Click Send. Or, press Enter or Return on your keyboard.

Now your comment is saved in the mural. If you tagged a collaborator, they’ll receive a notification via the method set in their preferences.

If you decide later that you want to move your comment to a different spot on the canvas or to a different object, just click and drag the comment to its new home.

You can also add a comment by selecting Text in the left side bar and dragging a comment wherever you want to place it. Typing your comment works the same as above.

View and resolve comments

Each mural has a dedicated sidebar where you can view all comments, open or resolved. Here, you can read, edit, respond to, and resolve comments.

To view comments:

  1. Click the Comments icon in the top right corner of the mural.

    Note: If your browser window is too narrow, the menus might be condensed, and the Comments icon will be housed in the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner instead.

  2. Scroll through the comments and address them as needed.

Clicking a comment in the sidebar takes you to where that comment lives on the canvas. It also opens a text box where you can type your reply.

If you want to resolve the comment, click the checkmark next to the collaborator’s name.

To delete or edit a comment, click the three-dot menu icon.

When you’re done with that comment, you can quickly and easily move to the next using the navigation arrows at the top of the comments sidebar.

If you want to view resolved comments, click the Resolved tab at the top of the sidebar. These comments won’t show on the canvas, but you can view them again here if you need to.

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