As a workspace admin, it’s important to ensure that each member in your workspace has the right permissions. For example, you probably want your team members to be able to create and view content. But you might only want a client to view projects that are relevant to them—not everything stored in your workspace.

You can change a member’s permissions on the workspace members page. In this article, we’ll break down each option on that page so you can make the decisions that work best for you.

Permission type



Create rooms

When selected, the member can create new rooms in your workspace, not just contribute to existing rooms.

Rooms are a method of organizing murals in a workspace. You can find more details about rooms in our Rooms in Mural.

Publish templates

When selected, the member can publish murals as templates in your workspace. They can then edit or delete the templates they’ve published.

Templates let you reuse past murals as a starting point for new murals. Once a mural has been published as a template, anyone in your workspace can create a new mural using it.

See open rooms

When selected, the member can view and join open rooms in your workspace.

If this is de-selected, a member must obtain an invitation from a current room member to join all rooms, open or private. For more on rooms, read our Rooms in Mural article.

Workspace admin

When selected, the member has full access to the workspace, including the workspace members page where they can update these very permissions.

Assign this privilege only to members you trust to manage your workspace.

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