Mural plugin for Figma admin guide
Set up the Mural plugin for Figma and Figma plugin for Mural.
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With the Mural plugin for Figma, you can export frames from Figma to a new or existing mural as images. This article walks you through the setup required in Mural and in Figma. If you already have these plugins enabled and are ready to use them, check out our Mural plugin for Figma user guide.


Enable the Figma plugin in Mural

The first step is to enable the Figma plugin from your company dashboard in Mural.

To enable the Figma plugin from your company dashboard:

  1. Click your avatar in the top right corner of the dashboard to open the user options menu.

  2. Select Company administration.

    Note: Only company administrators can access the company dashboard. Reach out to Mural Support if you have any questions about who your company administrator is or if you need to add a new one.

  3. Click Integrations in the left sidebar menu.

  4. Click to select the Figma checkbox to enable the plugin for your company.

  5. Click Save changes.

The Figma plugin is now enabled for Mural. Next up? Enable the Mural plugin for Figma!

Enable the Mural plugin in Figma

Follow this guide to enable the Mural plugin for your company’s organization in Figma.

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