Your Mural dashboard has a Templates tab in the left sidebar. Clicking that opens a huge library of pre-made templates to choose from. This is a great way to scroll through thumbnail previews of the templates so you can find the one that best fits your use case.

By default, you’ll arrive on the Mural templates tab of the template library, which lists all global templates created by Mural. You can narrow these down by clicking the Use cases dropdown arrow and selecting your use case. Here’s a breakdown of what each section of the template library does:

Template library section


Templates tab (A)

Opens Mural’s template library, where you can scroll through thumbnail previews of our many pre-made templates.

Template library view (B)

You have three view options in your template library:

  • Mural templates - This is where you’ll land by default after clicking Templates in the left sidebar of your dashboard. This lists all templates created by Mural available for use.

  • [Workspace] templates - Click this option to see templates published by collaborators in your workspace.

  • Starred templates - This view shows you your favorite (starred) templates.

Use cases dropdown (C)

Click the dropdown arrow to narrow down the Mural templates to your specific use case.

Template thumbnail tile (D)

Clicking this tile takes you to the New mural from template modal.

Or, if you hover over the template’s thumbnail tile, you’ll see a Preview button. Click that to preview the template before making a commitment to it.

Template tile’s three-dot menu (E)

Clicking the three-dot icon opens the following options for that template:

  • New mural from template - Start a new mural from this pre-made template.

  • Add to starred - Mark this template as a favorite so you can easily find it later.

  • Share - Share a link to this template or publicly embed a view-only version of it.

Or, when you create a new mural, the New mural modal lets you scan through the template library, organized by use case.

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