Draw on a sticky note
Bring a sticky note to life with sketch mode.
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Just as you can draw on a mural’s canvas itself, so too can you draw on a sticky note! Drawing on a sticky note lets you easily move your sketch later and keep it organized with the rest of your thoughts.

Note: You can toggle existing sticky notes between text mode and sketch mode, but switching between the two modes will erase existing content on the sticky note.

To draw on a sticky note:

  1. Click the sticky notes icon in the left sidebar.

  2. Click the sticky you want to add to your canvas.

  3. In the sticky note’s formatting toolbar, click Switch to sketch.

Your screen will automatically zoom to the sticky note and drawing controls will appear. You can switch between the pencil and eraser in the formatting toolbar. You can also change the color of the sticky note here and give it a border.

If you click out of your sticky note and click back in, you'll need to re-select the pen icon to continue drawing:

Note: To draw on more than one sticky note, you need to click Switch to sketch for each of them.

To erase a drawing on a sticky note:

  1. Click the sticky note to select it.

  2. Click the eraser in the toolbar.

  3. Erase the sketch as you please!

In Mural, you can also draw directly on your canvas. For more information, see our Draw on the canvas article.

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