Create a folder
Create a new folder to help keep your room and murals organized.
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Folders encourage more granular organization of murals within rooms. Add murals to folders or nest folders within folders to create a structure that works for your team. Your folders inherits the same permissions as the room. So, if a member has access to the room, they will have access to the room's folders and contents.

Note: Free plans don't have access to folders.

To create a folder:

  1. Click Rooms in the left sidebar of your dashboard.

  2. Click to open the room where you want to add a folder.

  3. Click the (plus) button next to the Folders header.

    Note: The button only appears for room owners and administrators.

  4. Enter a title for the folder in the Folder name field.

    Note: We cover some best practices for naming conventions in our Workspace organization tips article.

  5. Click Create.

Now, you're ready to move murals to your folder and get your room organized! For more tips on keeping your workspace organized, check out our Workspace organization tips article.

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