Templates in Mural
Here are the basics about templates in Mural.
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A template is a pre-made starting point for a new mural. You can use our global templates (created by Mural) or you can create your own templates from your murals. We have all kinds of templates! Whether you're looking for retrospectives, icebreaker games, a venn diagram, or a storyboard template, we've got you covered.

When you log in to your Mural account, you’ll arrive on the Home view by default, which shows templates based on your role and your Mural collaboration history. Hover over a tile and click Preview to hop into the template and take a look around.

You can view all available global templates by clicking Templates in the left sidebar of your dashboard. Or, when you create a new mural, the New mural modal lets you scan through the template library.

You can also see these templates in action on our blog at blog.mural.co and on our Mural Templates page. To join the discussion on templates, check out the Templates section of our Community forum.

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