Create a mural
The first step to collaboration is creating a mural to hold your ideas.
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Before you collaborate with your teammates, you need a spot to do it. A new mural is the perfect place. A mural holds the canvas where you’ll add, create, and edit your content.

New murals can be created from anywhere on your dashboard. From the create mural modal, select a workspace and a room where you want your mural to live. If you’re creating a mural from inside of a room, it will be stored in that room by default, but you can always change that later.

To create a new mural:

  1. Click + New mural in the top left corner of the dashboard.

  2. Select a workspace and room where you want your new mural to live. You can also choose a folder if you want, but it’s not required.

  3. Select an infinite blank canvas or a resizable blank canvas to start from. Or, you can choose one of the available templates, which always open on an infinite canvas.

  4. Click Create mural.

You’re instantly brought to your new mural! Now, you can start adding ideas to your canvas or invite other collaborators to kick things off.

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