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Keep your murals organized by using rooms.
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A workspace can have a lot of members, which means a workspace can end up holding a lot of work. Rooms offer an easy way to organize based on project, team, or any system that feels right to you.

You can access your rooms at any time by clicking Rooms in the left menu of your Mural dashboard.

Note: Only open rooms are available on Mural’s Free plan. Private rooms are only available on Team+, Business, and Enterprise plans. Confidential rooms are only available on Enterprise plans.


What are rooms?

Rooms let you create a system of organization in your workspace. First, you’ll create a room in your workspace. Then, you’ll add murals to that room. This way, you always know where your work is and won’t have to sift through an endless list of murals to find it. Here’s a look at the structure of a workspace using rooms:

Note: Folders aren’t available on Free plans, but you can still store murals in rooms on a Free plan.

There are three kinds of rooms in Mural: open rooms, private rooms, and confidential rooms. Keep in mind that, regardless of room type, all invited members will have access to all content in that room, including murals they previously were not a part of.

Open rooms

Open rooms are public to all members in your workspace, which means anyone can join and view the murals they hold. This kind of room is best for projects that a lot of people are working on together, so you don’t have to worry about inviting everyone who needs to be invited.

You can view existing open rooms by clicking Rooms in the left sidebar of the Mural dashboard. Then, look for the row of tiles labeled Open rooms.

Private rooms

Note: Private rooms are only available on Mural’s Team+, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Private rooms are not public, which means only those you invite can join them. So, use these for smaller projects that don’t need a wider range of input or collaborators.

Confidential rooms

Note: Confidential rooms are only available as part of MURAL’s Enterprise plan.

Confidential rooms are the same as private rooms but they take security a bit further. Here’s how:

  • Confidential rooms can’t be duplicated.

  • Murals in a confidential room can’t be moved or duplicated outside of that room.

  • Murals published in confidential rooms can’t be published as templates.

  • Confidential rooms can’t be moved to a workspace other than where they were created.

  • Confidential rooms can only be created—you can’t make an existing room confidential.

  • Confidential rooms can’t be turned into private or open rooms.

  • You can only invite others to confidential rooms via email.

  • Invite links for murals in a confidential room only grant access to existing workspace members. The invite links don’t grant access to any visitors, guests, or any members not already part of the workspace.

While confidential rooms are already a secure option, you can also remove members’ ability to invite people to the room. From the Room members page, deselect the Invite people box next to each members’ name so they can’t invite new members.

This kind of room is great for secured or NDA content. So, if you want to lock down content and collaboration, confidential rooms are your answer!

Access your rooms

You can access your rooms at any time by clicking Rooms in the left menu of your Mural dashboard. Here, you’ll find a list of recently opened rooms, with those you’ve looked at most recently first. Below that, you’ll find the rest of your rooms in alphabetical order. You can also favorite rooms so they appear at the very top of the page. For more on that, check out our Star a mural or room article.

Create a new room

Whether you’re creating an open room, a private room, or a confidential room, the process is much the same.

Note: Guests can’t create new rooms, and in some cases, workspace administrators may disable members’ ability to create new rooms. If you’re having issues, reach out to

To create a new room:

  1. Click Rooms in the left sidebar of the Mural dashboard.

  2. Click the add room (+) button at the top of the page.

  3. Type a Room name.

  4. Select a Room type.

  5. If you’re on an Enterprise plan, select/deselect the Make this room confidential box.

  6. (Optional) Type a Room description.

  7. Click Create room.

Now, you’re in your new room! You can invite other members by clicking Invite to room in the top right of the page. You can also add folders to your room to organize things even further.

Note: Folders aren’t available on Free plans.

Add a mural to a room

You can create murals directly from your new room by clicking the + New mural button in the top left of the page. Or, you can add existing murals to your room.

To add an existing mural to a room:

  1. Locate the mural’s tile on the Mural dashboard.

  2. Click the three-dot menu icon on the mural’s tile.

  3. Select Move.

  4. Select the Room where you want the room to live.

  5. Click Move.

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