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Mural’s cross-workspace search function makes it easy to find your murals, rooms, and templates.
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Mural has a cross-workspace search functionality that lets you find exactly what you’re looking for without needing to jump to different workspaces or rooms. This means your search results will pull from any workspaces you’re a part of.

You’ll access the search function through the search bar in the top middle of your Mural dashboard.


How cross-workspace search works

If you know the name of a mural, room, or template, you can now easily find it right from your dashboard.

Let’s take a look at each section of the Search Results page:

Search bar (A)

This is where you’ll enter the name or term you want to search for. Click and type directly into the Search bar.

Search results tabs (B)

Your search results are conveniently organized into three types: murals, templates, and rooms. Click the tab that corresponds with the type of content you’re looking for.

Workspace dropdown (C)

Click the dropdown arrow to select a specific workspace you’d like to narrow your search to.

By default, Mural’s search function searches all workspaces that you’re a part of. If you’re part of an Enterprise account with multiple workspaces, you may want to narrow down your search results further to one workspace.

Search result tile (D)

This will either be a mural tile, template tile, or room tile, depending on the tab you’re on. Simply click the tile to open the content.

Tile’s home workspace (E)

On mural tiles and room tiles, you’ll see a workspace name. This is the name of the workspace where that content lives.

Search for a mural, room, or template

Mural’s search function is intuitive and truly easy to use.

To search for a mural, room, or template from your dashboard:

  1. Go to your Mural dashboard (this is the default page when you log in).

  2. Click the search bar at the top of the screen.

  3. Type the keyword or title you’re searching for.

  4. Click the Murals, Templates, or Rooms tab for the content you’re looking for.

The matching results automatically load.


  • Does the cross-workspace search function work from within a mural?

    You can access the cross-workspace search from the dashboard. When you’re inside of a mural, you can use a Find function to search all objects on that individual canvas. To search for specific murals, rooms, or templates, you’ll need to exit out of the mural to get back to your dashboard.

  • Can you make changes to your content from the Search Results page?

    You can click the tile to open your content. To make changes (such as duplicate, archive, or Star), you must open the content directly. Or, take note of the workspace (which you’ll see at the bottom of a mural tile and room tile in the search results) and make changes from the corresponding workspace.

  • What does the search function search for specifically?

    The search feature searches names of the actual content (mural, template, or room). You don’t have to get the title exactly right, though. For instance, in the screenshot below, you’ll see that searching for “doc team” also brought up a result for a room titled “Documentation Team.” As long as the content title includes the words you’ve searched for, you’re good to go.

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