If you need to take a poll of your collaborators’ opinions, you can easily do that with a voting session directly in a mural. Let’s say you’re brainstorming names for a new feature or project. You have a list of ten or so you think are pretty good but you want help choosing the final name. You can start a voting session and have everyone in your mural vote on which they think works best. This method of polling gives your team the ability to make group decisions quickly—and it’s a fun way to shake up your collaboration!


Run a voting session

Voting sessions happen directly in a mural, and they’re easy to start. Any member or guest can start a voting session, even if they aren’t the mural’s owner or a facilitator.

When running a voting session, you can choose how many votes each person gets. You can also choose to allow other members to end the voting session. Or, you can only allow yourself and facilitators to end it. You can also select what on the canvas you want people to vote on, picking any combination of the following objects:

  • Sticky notes.

  • Text boxes.

  • Icons.

  • Files.

  • Shapes with text.

  • Images.

  • Titled areas.

Finally, you can choose whether you want to collect votes on the entire canvas or just on a specific area. If you choose to vote on a selected area, you’re asked to select the area by highlighting an area of the canvas before voting starts.

Note: Visitors can’t start voting sessions, but they can vote in sessions started by someone else.

To run a voting session:

  1. In the mural, click the voting session icon in the top bar.

  2. Select Start voting session.

  3. Type a Name of session.

  4. Select the Votes per person.

  5. Select Who can end voting.

  6. Select What to vote on.

  7. Select Where to vote.

  8. Click Start if you’re using the entire canvas. Click Next if you’re using a selected area, then click Start once you’ve highlighted the area you want.

Your participants will be notified that the voting session has started! You can end the session at any time by clicking End voting session in the top right of the canvas. At the top of the canvas, you can also monitor how many people are still voting.

Once your session is over, you’ll see the results broken down on the page! If you need to revisit past results, see the View results of past voting sessions section.

Vote in a voting session

If you’re working in a mural when someone starts a voting session, a modal opens to give you a heads up.

After that, it’s easy to make your voice heard. You’ll see the number of votes you have remaining at the top of your canvas. You’ll also see the area of the canvas highlighted where your votes are wanted.

To vote in a voting session:

  1. Click Begin voting once you’re notified a session has started.

  2. Hover over the object you want to vote for.

  3. Click the object to cast your vote!

  4. Repeat until all votes are cast.

If you need to change your vote for any reason, click the red number bubble on the object you no longer want to vote for. Then, select Remove vote. You can also do this by holding the Shift key and clicking on the object.

Note: You can only change your votes as long as the voting session is open. Once the voting session is closed, all votes are locked.

View results of past voting sessions

You might want to run several voting sessions in a single mural. Don’t worry—you won’t erase results from one session by running another. You can view results from all your past voting sessions in your mural whenever you want to.

To view results of past voting sessions:

  1. Click the voting session icon in the top bar.

  2. Select Show results page.

The results page lists every voting session you’ve run! Click the name of a voting session on the left to see the results for that session.

You can also view votes from different sessions directly on your mural by clicking the voting session icon in the top bar and selecting Show votes. Then, a bar appears across the top of your canvas listing each voting session. Click a voting session to see the votes as they were placed on your mural.

Delete a voting session

If you no longer need the results of a voting session, you can delete the session. Keep in mind that deleting a voting session is permanent and cannot be undone!

To delete a voting session:

  1. Click the voting session icon in the top bar.

  2. Select Delete voting sessions.

  3. Select the checkbox for any voting sessions you want to delete.

  4. Click Delete.

  5. Click Delete session permanently to confirm.

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