You can use the OneDrive integration to import links to your OneDrive files onto a mural. But first, if you're on an Enterprise plan, you'll need to enable the integration from your company dashboard.

This article is the admin guide for this integration. If you want to use the integration to import a OneDrive file into your mural, check out our OneDrive user guide.


Enable the OneDrive integration

Only company admins can enable this integration in Mural, and only Enterprise accounts need to enable it on their company dashboard.

If you are on a Free, Team+, or Business plan, the integration is automatically enabled. If you are on a Business plan with SSO (single sign-on) enabled, reach out to Mural Support to enable the integration.

Mural company admin setup (Enterprise accounts only)

To get started with this integration, you’ll need to enable it from your company dashboard.

To enable the integration in Mural:

  1. Click your avatar on the mural dashboard to open the user options menu.

  2. Select Company administration.

  3. Click Integrations in the left sidebar.

  4. Scroll down and click the Enable OneDrive integration checkbox.

  5. Click Save changes.

You and the other members of your workspace can now use the OneDrive integration in Mural.

Microsoft OneDrive admin setup

In addition to enabling this integration in Mural, you’ll need to enable application access directly in OneDrive.

To enable the integration in Microsoft:

  1. Click Access control in the left sidebar.

  2. Click Unmanaged devices.

  3. Select either Allow full access from desktop apps, mobile apps, and the web or Allow limited, web-only access. If you choose Block access, the OneDrive integration will not function.

  4. Click Save.

For more information, see this article about managing device access to OneDrive.


  • How does authentication with OneDrive work?

    Each user will authenticate with their Microsoft credentials when connecting to their OneDrive account. Mural will then access that user’s OneDrive account on their behalf using a token that is generated by the OAuth process. This means that we will only be able to show the user the files in OneDrive that they have access to.

  • What scopes are used for authentication with OneDrive?

    The following scopes are required to read files from OneDrive:

    • AllSites.Read

    • Files.Read.All

    • MyFiles.Read

    • Sites.Read.All

    • User.Read

  • Where is OneDrive data stored when I import work items?

    Your OneDrive files and its content stay in your OneDrive account.

    For imported documents, Mural will generate a preview image of the file if possible. This is typically the first page of the document. This preview will be imported onto the canvas to represent the imported file. This file preview is stored with Mural.

    For imported images, Mural will import the image onto the canvas.

  • In what geographic location is data stored?

    Data is stored in the United States unless your organization is using data residency. See this page for more information.

    The OneDrive integration is unavailable if your workspace’s data is stored in a region outside of the United States.

  • Is the data encrypted in transit when transferred from OneDrive to Mural?

    Data is retrieved from the Microsoft API using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.

  • How can I provide feedback about the OneDrive integration?

    You can provide feedback about the OneDrive integration by opening the OneDrive import modal and clicking Give feedback. To open the modal, click Files in the left sidebar of an open mural.

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