Mural uses a certain account structure to help collaborators stay organized and make sure the right people have access to the right content. (Collaborator is our general term for members, visitors, and guests to your mural.)

The Mural organizational structure has workspaces, rooms, folders, and murals.


Mural organizational structure

The exact structure of your account depends on which Mural plan you're a part of. Generally speaking, Mural lets you organize your content on the following levels:

Organizational level


Think of your workspace as a virtual office building. Anyone using Mural can be part of multiple workspaces, and a workspace can contain multiple rooms and murals.

Enterprise customers can create and manage multiple workspaces. Other plans are limited to one workspace.

Rooms are an efficient way of organizing murals for different projects. Each room can contain several folders and murals.

Rooms are either open, private, or confidential:

Folders encourage more granular organization of murals within rooms. Add murals to folders or nest folders within folders to create a structure that works for your team.

Free plans don't have access to folders.

A mural (lowercase) is where you can collaborate on an individual canvas to add, create, and edit your content.

Here’s a GIF that shows the structure of a workspace, room, and folders:

Free plan account structure

With Mural's Free plan, you start with the basics: a workspace, rooms, and murals. Here are the limitations of this plan's structure:

  • You can only have three (3) active murals at a time.

  • Your rooms can only be open (available to everyone in the workspace).

  • You don’t have access to folders.

Team+ and Business account structure

The same basic structure applies to Team+ and Business accounts, but you have a bit more freedom:

  • You can have an unlimited number of murals.

  • You can have private rooms.

  • All rooms can have folders.

Here is a visual representation of Mural’s account structure for the Team+ and Business plans:

Note: Private rooms are only available on our Team+, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Enterprise account structure

Our Enterprise plan allows for even greater flexibility, a larger user base, and a deeper structure. If you are an Enterprise customer, you can:

  • Create and manage multiple workspaces.

  • Have confidential rooms for an added layer of privacy.

Here's what the Enterprise structure looks like:

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