If you’ve worked in MURAL before, you probably know all about facilitating a session. In MURAL, members can access Facilitation Superpowers® that help them run a meeting or workshop in a fun and engaging way. These features are so useful that sometimes you’ll want to share them with guests, too. Let’s say you want a guest collaborator to lead a workshop for your company members. Or, you have a guest who needs to present to a group of stakeholders. If you’re working on a MURAL Enterprise plan, you have the ability to make guests facilitators so they too can utilize Facilitation Superpowers.

Note: To gain access to this feature, a company admin must first reach out to MURAL’s Customer Success team.

There are three layers to this feature: First, a workspace administrator can choose whether or not to allow guest facilitators and turn the feature on at a workspace level. From there, it is up to a mural’s owner to grant guests facilitator permissions. Then, the guest is able to make use of Facilitation Superpowers. This article walks through each element of guest facilitators.

Note: Guest facilitators are only available on MURAL's Enterprise plan.


Enable guest facilitators in your workspace

Before your workspace members can start granting guests facilitator privileges, you need to enable this at the workspace level. You can do that from the workspace settings page.

Note: Since this setting lives on the workspace settings page, only workspace administrators can enable it.

To allow your workspace members to grant guest facilitator privileges:

  1. Click your workspace name in the top left corner of the dashboard.

  2. Select Manage [workspace name] to open the workspace settings page.

  3. Select the Allow mural owners to give guests Facilitation Superpowers™ checkbox.

  4. Click Save changes.

Now, all mural owners in your workspace can take advantage of sharing Facilitation Superpowers with guests.

Make a guest a facilitator in your mural

Once guest facilitators are enabled in a workspace, mural owners can make a guest a facilitator in their murals.

To make a guest a facilitator in your mural:

  1. Click the members icon in the top menu of your mural.

  2. Hover over the name of the guest you want to make a facilitator.

  3. Click the permissions dropdown.

  4. Select Can facilitate.

You can remove a guest’s ability to facilitate at any time by following these steps again and selecting a different permission option for the guest such as View only or Can edit.

Facilitator permission can also be granted by visiting the mural members page.

Facilitating as a guest

If you’re the guest who will be facilitating, first of all, welcome to MURAL! We’re glad to have you. Second, once you’ve been granted facilitating privileges by a mural owner, you’re ready to go.

As you move around the mural, other collaborators in the mural will see a star alongside your cursor showing them that you are the facilitator. And best of all, you’ll now have access to the full line of Facilitation Superpowers, such as starting and stopping private mode, using the laser pointer, and summoning participants. If you have any questions about how to use these features, see our Facilitation Superpowers article for more details.

Note: As a guest facilitator, you will still not have permission to create new murals nor will you be able to grant others facilitating privileges.

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