You may need help with a specific mural, room, or workspace. But, how do you know who to ask? This article walks you through how to find the owner or admin for each mural, room, and workspace.


Identify mural owners

You can quickly identify a mural’s owner(s) from within the mural. This information is helpful if you need your access changed or want to ask the mural owner to update something before a meeting.

To identify a mural owner:

  1. Click the Members icon in the top right corner of the mural.

  2. You’ll see “Mural owner” to the right of any member who has ownership of the mural.

The Members drop-down also shows:

  • All other collaborators with access to this mural, sorted by whether they're online or offline.

  • “Guest” to the right of any collaborators with guest permissions.

  • (If you’re a mural owner) A link to Manage mural members.

Identify room admins

Sometimes, you may need to talk to a room admin to discuss room permissions. The only way you can identify a room admin is if you’ve been invited to the room. If you’ve only been invited to murals inside a room, you can’t access any information about the room itself.

To identify a room admin:

  1. Navigate to the room where you want to find the admin.

  2. Click the Members icon in the top right corner of your screen.

  3. Anyone with “Room Admin” to the right of their name is a room admin.

Note: If you yourself are a room admin, you’ll see a link to Manage room members.

Identify a workspace admin

You can find the admin of a workspace from the My workspaces page in Mural.

Note: If you’re unable to log in to Mural, reach out to Mural Support and they can help find the workspace admin to reinstate your access.

To find a workspace admin while you’re logged in to Mural:

  1. Visit the following URL:

  2. The email address listed directly under the workspace name is the workspace admin’s contact email.

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