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Access your company’s quarterly Mural membership metrics on the billing overview page.
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Your billing overview includes key metrics regarding membership usage at your company. You can access this billing overview page at any time by clicking Billing in the left sidebar of the company dashboard. Here, you’ll find data revolving around two groups: QEMs (Quarterly Engaged Members) and QAMs (Quarterly Active Members).

A “Quarterly Engaged Member (QEM)” is defined as a member from your company domain (ex: who has, on at least three (3) unique days, within the prior ninety (90) days, engaged in an Interaction. For more information, read our QEMs article.

A “Quarterly Active Member (QAM)” is different from a Quarterly Engaged Member. QAMs include any member who has logged into MURAL and interacted with content in a given 90-day period. So, QAMs include all QEMs and those members who do not qualify as QEMs.

From the billing overview page, you can view the following statistics regarding QEMs and QAMs:

  • QEMs vs. QAMs in paid workspaces, daily: The number of QEMs and QAMs in your company’s paid workspaces each day over time.

  • QEMs - Year over year: Compares your number of monthly QEMs from one year to the next.

  • Total QEMs: All current Quarterly Engaged Members in your company’s paid workspaces across a variety of data points. You can sort the list by each column.

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