When people collaborate in a mural, they may accidentally edit, move, or displace items. Whether you’re collaborating in someone else’s mural and don’t want to make changes or would like to prevent others from doing so, MURAL offers special techniques to prevent this from happening.

Tip: Accidentally moved something around and freaking out? No worries! You can just click the undo button at the top of the mural right next to the title or with Control + Z (Command + Z on a Mac).


Use move mode

It is common when using a mouse to accidentally move objects around. Move mode comes in handy whenever you just want to take a look around without editing anything!

To use move mode:

  1. Click the hand icon at the lower right corner of your mural to turn on Move Mode. Or hold the Spacebar,

  2. Drag around the canvas to locate the particular area you like to display.

  3. Click the hand icon to turn off Move Mode or press the Escape key to switch back to editing mode.

Note: For more information on navigation check out our article Navigate murals with ease.

Lock objects

If you don’t want collaborators to accidentally move things, you can lock objects on your mural in place. This means that collaborators will not be able to touch these objects unless they are unlocked.

To lock an object on a mural:

  1. Right-click on an item and select Lock.

  2. Choose Any member can unlock to allow any member of the same mural to unlock the item.

  3. Or, choose Only Facilitators can unlock to allow only the Facilitators of the same mural to unlock the item.

Note: Locked items cannot be moved by you or any collaborator until they are unlocked unless using inclusive selection shortcut.

To lock all objects on a mural:

  1. Click on an empty space in the canvas. Press Control + A (Command + A on Mac) to select all items on a mural.

  2. Click the drop-down button beside the Lock icon on the toolbar to choose a Lock type. Here you can select between normal Lock and Facilitator lock.

  3. Or, click the Lock icon on the toolbar to lock all objects with the most recent Lock type selected.


  • Facilitator-lock is only available for facilitators. If you select Facilitator-lock, only the Facilitator of the same mural can unlock the objects.

  • For more information on lock, check out the article Lock objects to the background.

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