Infinite canvas
Let your mural expand with your ideas by choosing an infinite canvas.
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The canvas is the part of a mural where you place objects. Mural offers two types of canvases to work in: resizable and infinite. The resizable canvas is a fixed size, but you can change it later if you need to. The infinite canvas never ends—meaning you can go with the flow of your work and never need to worry about making your canvas bigger to fit your ideas.

Note: When working on our iOS and Windows apps, you may experience some issues when opening an infinite canvas from the web on a mobile device. For optimal performance, we recommend using a resizable canvas on mobile devices.

To help you navigate the canvas, use features like the dot grid, zoom to fit, and snap to grid. All of these were made with the infinite canvas in mind to help keep your work and collaboration organized.

If you’re ready to get started, check out our article on creating a new mural. If you already have a mural you want to turn into an infinite canvas, check out our article on changing canvas types.

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