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Create accessible murals
Create accessible murals
Learn to make your mural more accessible to people with disabilities.
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If inclusivity is the heart of collaboration, what’s more inclusive than ensuring everyone can collaborate in Mural? The “Accessibility Best Practices for Mural Facilitators” template and accessibility companion article will help you get started on creating a more inclusive Mural experience for people with disabilities.

Note: Find out more about creating a mural from a template in our templates article. For more information on accessibility in Mural, check out our articles on Mural screen reader and keyboard features and keyboard shortcuts.

The template and article provide tips and resources for considering the needs of people with differing vision, hearing, mobility, dexterity, cognition, and more. While the article provides more in-depth information about facilitation, the template offers quick tips to:

  • Use mural keyboard and screen reader features: This section provides information on how to navigate with shortcuts, change how you read a canvas, and set up a mural to be better read by a screen reader.

  • Create clear content: This section provides pointers on using plain language, link language, and descriptive headings and titles.

  • Use accessible fonts and text sizes within a mural: With this section, you’ll learn about types of Mural fonts and sizes.

  • Make color accessible: Learn how to use sufficient color contrast and get samples of Mural colors, shapes, and connectors to use in your own mural.

  • Create accessible images: Learn how to add captions to a mural's images and present non-textual information.

  • Use a mural’s features: Get tips on creating accessible layouts, scaling your mural, using accessible colors to magnify text with the pop-out feature, and more.

  • Use accessible audio and video: Learn about using captions, transcripts, audio descriptions, and an accessible media player.

Refer back to this template each time you need accessibility tips or to retrieve sample colors, shapes, and connectors that meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Make this template your own by using it to create a mural.

Here’s how to create a mural from a template:

  1. Hover over the template tile on the dashboard and click Preview.

  2. Select New mural from template at the top of the screen.

  3. The Create mural box displays, where you can choose the room to store your mural.

This article was originally written by Nicole Troxell.

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