Quarterly Engaged Members (QEMs) help MURAL connect teams with a flexible membership model to unlock their genius. QEMs create a culture of effective collaboration without the worry of unused membership fees.

Those who interact often enough with MURAL are considered a QEM. Each QEM requires their own membership. Since the number of memberships included in your plan varies, it’s important to understand who qualifies as a QEM and what happens if you have more QEMs than memberships.

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of what constitutes a QEM and how a change in your number of QEMs can affect your MURAL plan.


Our flexible membership model

“Membership” is the unit of value associated with a workspace; for every membership, there may be only one (1) concurrent member of a workspace. Customers pay for the number of memberships associated with their workspace. With our flexible membership model, memberships are based on the number of QEMs within a workspace as determined based on engagement reviews.

What is a Quarterly Engaged Member (QEM)?

A Quarterly Engaged Member (QEM) is defined as a member from your company domain (ex: name@companyname.com) who has, on at least three (3) unique days within the prior ninety (90) days, engaged in an “Interaction.” Guests and visitors are not counted towards QEMs.

Each QEM requires a paid MURAL membership. So, let’s take a look at what counts as an “Interaction.”

What is an “Interaction”?

As mentioned above, QEMs are determined based on their number of “Interactions.” An "Interaction" is one or more of the following:

  • The creation of a workspace, room, or mural.

  • The invitation of a member, guest, or visitor.

  • The use of the timer setting, voting, or other Facilitation Superpowers™.

  • Any addition/deletion of content or other edit to a mural, including sticky notes, text, shapes, icons, drawings, templates, frameworks, images, links, or comments.

  • The moving, grouping, or changing of an object’s properties.

What happens if the number of QEMs exceeds the number of available plan memberships?

On Enterprise plans, customers purchase the number of memberships needed to effectively collaborate on a regular basis. If the number of paid memberships is exceeded in a given 90-day period, MURAL will work with you to identify the appropriate next steps for the remainder of your subscription term—whether that means increasing paid memberships or deactivating some members. (This process is what we call an “engagement review” and “membership true-up.”) No matter the situation, we will partner with you to meet your collaboration goals and avoid surprise costs.

Business plans are also eligible for our flexible membership model. If you purchased a Business plan online, contact MURAL Customer Success to discuss how you can get the benefit of QEMs.

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