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Embed murals into any application that uses Embedly, just by copying and pasting the link.
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MURAL’s Embedly integration lets you embed murals on any website or app that uses Embedly for their media or content imports. Now you can embed murals in Notion, Trello, Facebook Messenger, RingCentral Direct Messages, and more!


How does the integration work?

The MURAL App for Embedly supports all apps and websites that use Embedly for their media and content imports (such as Notion). All you need to do is enable embedding for your mural, and you can use this integration!

A MURAL member simply pastes a mural link into the app or website that uses Embedly. Depending on the mural sharing settings and the specific Embedly implementation, one of the following will display:

  • A view-only embedded copy of the mural.

  • A card view of the mural with the available metadata and link.

  • An inline link.

  • The plain URL.

Here’s an example of a view-only representation of the mural in Notion. You can zoom in and out of the view, and even navigate the embedded mural:

And here's an example of a mural embedded in RingCentral Direct Messages:

In order to embed murals into sites or apps that use Embedly, you must enable embedding for your mural. Click here for instructions to enable embedding.

For a list of Embedly providers, click here:

Troubleshoot the integration

If you run into any issues with the Embedly integration, here are some helpful tips.

  • My embedded mural only displays as a thumbnail or link. Help!

    Embedding needs to be enabled for murals to display as view-only embeds. If not, they’ll display as thumbnails. Click here to learn how to enable embedding for your murals.

    Also, even if your mural has embedding enabled, you might see a thumbnail or an inline link depending on the website or app’s Embedly settings.

  • How do permissions impact what non-members see?

    Great question. By default, if you share a link to your mural, visitors can access it. Here’s the workflow for when a visitor sees a mural embedded in an Embedly app or website:

    • The visitor can see a preview of your mural, just like a MURAL member can.

    • When the visitor clicks on the mural embed link, MURAL will prompt them to enter a visitor name.

    • They’ll simply enter a fun visitor name and click the Enter as a visitor button to join your mural as a visitor.

For more information on visitor permissions, check out this article.

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