Available for: Enterprise customers

Set up by: MURAL Customer Success team


What does MURAL's Data Residency feature offer?

In an increasingly distributed workforce with more and more cloud-based applications available to support businesses, knowing where data is stored has risen in importance and complexity. To support our customers in highly regulated industries and geographies, we are offering data residency for MURAL.

By default, data within MURAL is stored in the United States. For some organizations and teams, this creates a compliance burden that can limit visual collaboration with MURAL.

To bridge the gap for our customers in highly regulated industries and geographies, we are delivering data residency for MURAL. MURAL’s data residency capabilities allow Enterprise customers to choose the region in which eligible data types are stored at rest. This can be configured on a workspace-by-workspace level.

What is included?


In the table below, see where data residency is available outside the United States and the corresponding backup regions:

Data residency region

Data backup region

Frankfurt, Germany

Berlin, Germany

New South Wales, Australia

Victoria, Australia

Eligible data types

In the table below, see data stored in the data region versus data not stored in the data region:

Data stored in data region

Data NOT stored in data region

The following data in a mural will be stored at rest in the region selected by your organization:

  • Objects (e.g., text, sticky notes, shapes, connectors, icons, frameworks, images, files, and drawings)

  • Comments

  • Voting sessions

  • Chats

  • Mural activity log

The following data may be processed and stored outside the region selected by your organization:

  • Metadata* and configuration settings** for:

    • Company

    • Workspace

    • Room

    • User

    • Mural

    • Template

  • Reporting, analytics, and usage data*

* Includes certain personal data

** Includes administration and member configurations

Data migrations

If a new workspace is created, you (via your Customer Success team) will have the option to select a region in which eligible data types are stored.

For existing workspaces, we currently don’t offer migration to an alternative region. This is coming soon.


The following are not supported with data residency yet, but are coming soon:

  • Third party integrations, like Jira, Zapier, or Microsoft Teams.

  • Mac and Windows Surface Hub native applications.

  • MURAL API endpoints that create or modify objects on a mural.

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