Data residency
Control where your data is stored with Mural data residency.
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Available for: Enterprise plan customers

Set up by: Mural Customer Success team

To support our customers in highly regulated industries and geographies, we offer regional data residency for Mural. Mural's data residency capabilities enable Enterprise plan customers to designate the region where supported is stored. This can be customized on a workspace-by-workspace basis.


Available data regions

In the table below, see where data residency is available outside the United States and the corresponding backup regions:

Data residency region

Data backup region

Frankfurt, Germany

Berlin, Germany

New South Wales, Australia

Victoria, Australia

Supported data types

By default, data is stored in the United States. By selecting a different data region, supported data will be stored in that region. Here’s a breakdown of where supported data can be stored:

Supported data

Unsupported data

The following data will be stored in the region selected by your organization:

  • Objects.

    • Sticky notes.

    • Text (headings, paragraphs, comments).

    • Shapes.

    • Connectors.

    • Icons.

    • Images.

    • Frameworks.

    • Tables.

    • Files.

    • Drawings.

  • Activity logs.

  • Chats.

  • Voting sessions.

  • Tags.

  • Outlines.

The following data may be processed and stored outside the region selected by your organization:

  • User names.

  • User email addresses.

  • Company name.

  • Workspace names.

  • Room names.

  • Mural names.

  • Templates.

  • Content libraries.

  • Reporting and usage metadata.

Data migrations

When creating a new workspace, we support the ability to select a region in which eligible data types are stored. Reach out to a member of the Customer Success team to set this up.

For existing workspaces, we support the ability to migrate from one region to another. Reach out to a member of the Customer Success team to initiate the process.

Verify data location

There are two ways to check the region in which a workspace resides:

1. Company admins can verify the migration of a workspace by searching for the UPDATE_WORKSPACE_REGION event in Mural's Audit Log API.

2. Check the Data Region column on the workspaces page in the company dashboard. Check out our workspace management article for more information.


When storing data in a region outside of the United States, you may experience the following:

  • Limited use or unavailability of certain integrations.

  • Blocked Mural API endpoints that create or modify objects on a mural.

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