The MURAL API (application programming interface) lets you extend visual collaboration across workflows and applications. With the MURAL APIs, you can automate activities and connect actions in MURAL to other applications.

MURAL has a set of Enterprise APIs and a set of public APIs (which we call the “MURAL API”). Both sets of APIs are externally available. Here’s how they’re different:

MURAL API (in Beta)

Enterprise API


Gives developers product capabilities (such as creating murals, creating rooms, getting templates) and more.

Gives Enterprise clients admin capabilities (such as accessing audit logs, provisioning, deprovisioning) and more.


All. However, it inherits the same limitations as our packaging options.

Only Enterprise customers.

Functional/Features area

Non-admin functions.

Admin functions.


OAuth. Developers will have to register their app through MURAL’s My apps page.

API keys.


MURAL API Reference

Enterprise Developer Hub

The MURAL APIs are currently in a Beta testing phase. If you’d like to join early access you need to sign up here.

Explore our MURAL API documentation to learn more.

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