Link to murals with Atlassian Smart Links
Use Smart Links to embed a link to your mural in Atlassian products.
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Atlassian Smart Links are now available for Mural in Confluence Cloud, Jira Cloud, and Trello. Smart Links reveal important content about a link's destination from within a Confluence page, Jira issue, or Trello card (without leaving that application).

Note: Enterprise customers must enable the Smart Links integration in their company dashboard.


Note: This feature is only available for Jira Cloud. It's not available for Jira Data Center or Jira Server.

Similarly, this feature is only available in Confluence Cloud. It's not available for Confluence Data Center or Server.

Create a Smart Link to your mural

The beauty of this functionality is that it's easy and intuitive to use. You simply copy your mural's URL and paste it into a Confluence page, Jira issue, or Trello card.

Note: If you're on an Enterprise plan, a company admin must first enable the Smart Links integration before you can create your first Smart Link to your mural.

To create a Smart Link to your mural:

  1. Get a link to your mural in one of the following ways:

    • Copy your mural's URL from the address bar.

    • Click the Share button to generate a link (for members, visitors, or embeds).

  2. Paste your mural's URL in a Confluence page, Jira issue, or Trello card.

And, that's it! The pasted link automatically switches to the default Smart Link view (inline view):

Change a Smart Link view

By default, Smart Links show up with an inline view. You can change it to a card view or embedded view.

Note: To choose an embedded Smart Links view of your mural, an admin must first enable embedding for your company or workspace. Then, you must enable embedding for your specific mural.

To change the Smart Link view:

  1. Click the Smart Link to open the floating toolbar.

  2. Select the icon for the type of view you want: URL, inline, card, or embed.

Different views for Smart Links

With Smart Links, you can have up to 3 different viewing options for a link (in addition to the basic view of a URL):

  • Inline view: A stylish link that includes the logo.

  • Card view: A card with the logo, a preview image, and some additional information.

  • Embedded view: A view-only embedded version of the mural itself.

The inline view is the default view, and you can easily change the Smart Links view.

Inline view

The Smart Links inline view shows a logo from the source of that link as well as the title of the content. Simply copy and paste the mural URL directly onto the page, and it automatically converts to an inline link.

Card view

The Smart Links card view shows you a small preview of the content, plus additional information about it. To switch a Smart Link from the default inline view to a card view, just use the view switcher in the floating toolbar below the Smart Link.

Smart Link embeds

Embedding a view-only version of your mural directly into Confluence Cloud, Jira Cloud, or Trello means you'll never have to break the flow of work or leave the page you're on. To switch a Smart Link from the default inline view to a card view, just use the view switcher in the floating toolbar below the Smart Link.

If you want to read more about this embed view, head to this Atlassian page about Smart Link Embeds.

Note: To post a view-only embed of your mural, embedding permissions must be enabled in your company or workspace. You must also enable embedding for your mural.

(Enterprise only) Enable Atlassian Smart Links in Mural

This step is only required for Enterprise customers. All other plans have the Atlassian Smart Links integration enabled by default. Also, you must be a company administrator to enable integrations in an Enterprise plan.

To enable Atlassian Smart Links in an Enterprise plan:

  1. Click your avatar in the top right corner of the Mural screen to open user options.

  2. Select Company administration.

  3. Click the Integrations tab in the left sidebar menu.

  4. Click the checkbox to enable Atlassian Smart Links.

  5. Click Save changes.

Now, members of your Enterprise plan can use Atlassian Smart Links to link to murals from Atlassian products.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

  • How do viewing permissions work for embedded murals?

    Easy! Anyone using the application where the Smart Link exists can see the view-only embed of a mural (as long as mural embedding is enabled). If a user clicks through from the Smart Link to Mural, the original permissions of the mural still apply.

  • What should I do if I see "Embedding is disabled" when I try to embed a mural?

    If mural embedding is turned off for your company, workspace, or your mural, a collaborator who tries to embed a mural with Smart Links will get an error message that looks like this:

    Click Enable embedding. If embedding is already enabled in your company or workspace, this button enables embedding for your mural. Otherwise, this button will prompt the company or workspace administrator to turn on embedding for the company or workspace.

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