Content Ownership Transfer API

The content ownership transfer API provides an automated way to transfer content from one member to another for MURAL Enterprise accounts.

Available for: Enterprise plan

Set up by: Company-level admin

The Content Ownership Transfer API complements the SCIM feature by automating the transfer of murals and rooms (both public and private) between two members in your company. This minimizes the disruption in the scenario when an employee leaves your company and you want to transfer all their content to another account.

The content ownership API is a separate API from SCIM, but the two work together to provide two solutions:

  • SCIM API: deprovision or provision new members

  • Content Ownership Transfer API: transfer content to a new, existing member, admin or service account


The following requirements must be met when transferring all content from one member to another.

  • You must have both member’s usernames (email addresses).

  • The receiving user must be a member in all the workspaces where the transferring user owns content, or the transfer will fail.

  • The receiving user can be a member, an admin, or a service account. They cannot be a guest or visitor.

Please see the technical API guide with example requests and response calls in our Developer Portal.


What is the end-user experience when their content is transferred?

The user is still a member of the workspace. Their 'contents': rooms and murals are transferred. After the transfer their name will not show up in the mural or room anymore: in the manage members table and when selecting the profile icon at the top right corner of the mural or room. They can be re-invited to content and can access open rooms. During the transfer, they are automatically kicked out from their murals and rooms and are redirected to the workspace dashboard.

Can transfer of a user’s content still occur if they are suspended (for example through SCIM)?

Yes, the order: suspend then transfer or transfer then suspend, does not matter. If you are offboarding an employee and want to make sure they do not have access to any content within MURAL we advise suspending the user first and then transferring their content.

Does the transfer API only transfer content where the user is an owner?

Yes. Only the content where the user is an owner will be transferred to a new owner. Murals and rooms where the user is merely a member will not be transferred.

Are there other methods to transfer content within MURAL?

Yes, a workspace admin can transfer content in the workspace dashboard upon removing a member. See our Help Center article Transfer ownership of content.

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