Integration Overview




Supercharge collaboration by integrating MURAL into all of your existing workflows in Teams.

Integration Overview

The MURAL App for Teams seamlessly integrates visual collaboration throughout Microsoft Teams, unleashing team creativity, engagement, and alignment where you’re already working. Leverage all of MURAL’s visual thinking capabilities and Facilitation Superpowers inside of Teams to make your next project a smashing success. Add a mural directly into any channel, chat, meeting invite, or live video meeting, and work on a mural in a personal app all within Teams.

How it works

  • Embed a mural as a tab to any chat or channel in Teams where you can collaborate visually, and simply reference or return to the mural to keep collaboration going.

  • Stay informed with the MURAL bot and receive notifications when someone comments, mentions, or invites you to a mural.

  • Share a mural during a live video meeting in Teams to increase inclusivity, engagement, and creativity with your team.

  • In the personal app, access and work on any mural just as you would in the web app, right within Teams.

  • Pin a mural to any meeting invite to share information ahead of time or easily find the right mural for a recurring meeting.

  • Using the messaging extension, search for and share templates easily in a chat or a channel. Anyone who sees the message can instantly create a mural from the template, all in Teams.

The MURAL App for Teams is available for all plans.


  • Microsoft administrator must allow the MURAL app to be downloaded from the Microsoft Teams App Store.

  • Microsoft administrator must add MURAL to App Permissions Policies, if they exist.

  • For Business and Enterprise plans, a MURAL administrator must enable the integration in the Company Dashboard > Integrations.


MURAL Administrator

The MURAL administrator must enable the integration in the Integrations section of the Company Dashboard.

*Specification: This step only has to be done on our Enterprise plans. For Teams* and Business plans, integrations are turned on default and this step does not need to be completed.

Microsoft Teams Administrator

The Microsoft administrator must enable their team to install the MURAL app from the App Store. You must be a global admin or Teams service admin to enable the app. If application permission policies are in use for the organization, MURAL must be added to those policies.

Enable the MURAL App for Teams

  • Go to the Manage apps page in the Microsoft Teams admin center.

  • In the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin center, go to Teams apps > Manage apps.

  • Search for the MURAL app and click on it.

  • Enable the toggle to “allowed.”

Read more in the Microsoft Teams help article on adding apps.

App setup policies

We recommend you consider using app setup policies to install and pin apps for the MURAL app to ensure your users are getting the most out of the integration. You can learn more about install and pin app policies here.


After the Microsoft Teams and the MURAL administrators have enabled the MURAL app, end users can install the app themselves if the app permission policy that's assigned to them allows it. Setup instructions are also available in the MURAL support article.

1. Open Microsoft Teams, and go into the Store by clicking on Apps in the bottom left corner. Search for 'MURAL' (or scroll through the store to find it).

2. After selecting MURAL, click on “Add.”

3. Click on “Get Started.”

4. Sign in with your MURAL credentials.

5. Allow the MURAL App for Teams to access your MURAL account so we can bring all necessary information from MURAL into Teams.



Does the MURAL App for Teams require tenant-wide admin consent?


Does it Teams app require any tenant-wide configuration changes?


What are the actual permissions needed by MURAL on Teams?

MURAL does not require any permissions directly to Teams. MURAL functions within tabs using iFrames.

Does it impact the Teams tenant?

An admin would need to enable the application from the Microsoft App Store and possibly add it to any app permission policies that may exist in the organization.

Is there any way to limit the access of the application to a specific population?

Yes. App permission policies can be set up in Microsoft Team's to limit the MURAL app from being installed by certain users.

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