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Introducing the Mural Free plan
Introducing the Mural Free plan
The Mural Free plan has all of the features you need to level up teamwork with imagination so that working together is fun and accessible.
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Now, Mural is available to teams everywhere for free!

The Free plan enables you to transform team collaboration with unlimited members and visitors in your workspace, and all of the features you need for more engaging meetings and workshops with only minor limitations compared to our paid plans.

From the powerful and versatile Facilitation Superpowers® features that enable team leaders to control the virtual room, to inviting an unlimited number of visitors to collaborate in any mural by simply sharing a link, now you can benefit from all of these features, for free!

Enhance your visual collaboration skills and learn from experts through self-serve resources like Mural Learning, Mural Community, and help from Mural's experienced customer support team.

The Free plan joins the Team + , Business, and Enterprise plans, creating the most flexible and powerful set of plans for anyone to level up teamwork with imagination.

Free plan specifications:

  • One Mural workspace. If you need more than one workspace, consider another Mural plan.

  • Three (3) active murals per workspace. If you want to create a fourth mural, you will need to archive an active mural, which will make it read-only.

  • Access to open rooms only (private rooms are not available on the Free plan). This means all murals created in the free workspace will be visible to all members of the workspace.

  • Unlimited visitors and members in the Free plan.

  • Visitors have view-only access. To get edit access, they must become a member.

  • All Facilitation Superpower features.

  • This plan is free forever - no trial period or credit card required.

Free plan dashboard:

The three active murals will be accessible from your home dashboard. You won't see archived murals here, but you can still access archived murals in a read-only view.

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