The Mural App for Zoom allows Zoom participants to contribute to a mural via an integrated Mural experience within the Zoom app. The Zoom host can open a mural and invite participants to collaborate in that mural, right from the Zoom meeting.

Note: This guide is for Mural and Zoom admins. If you’re an end user, head to our Mural App for Zoom user guide.


How does the integration work?

With the Mural App for Zoom, you can share a digital canvas inside of your Zoom meeting so all participants can collaborate in real-time. All collaborators can enjoy the integrated canvas experience and use sticky notes, drawings, diagrams, images, and more.

Mural’s intuitive and powerful interface means you can confidently and securely invite customers, executives, and team members to collaborate visually, even if they’ve never used Mural before!

Login flows

The two main scenarios for signing in to Mural when using the Mural App for Zoom are when:

  • You’re the Zoom host or co-host sharing a mural.

  • You’re a Zoom meeting participant joining a mural as a collaborator and want to sign in to Zoom instead of joining as a visitor.

In both flows, you’ll walk through the core Mural login flow, just as if you're signing in to the site itself. After a successful login, Mural redirects you back to the Zoom App via a link, and you’ll continue your Zoom session. The redirect link is valid for 30 minutes.


Before you start, here’s what you need to do so you can have a seamless experience with this integration:

Also, when searching for the mural you want to share via the Mural App for Zoom, you’ll only see a dropdown to select a workspace and not one for rooms or folders. Before you host your meeting, we recommend knowing the title of your mural and in which workspace it's stored.


There are a few steps to take to get the Mural App for Zoom ready to party.

Mural admin implementation

The company admin must enable the Zoom integration. If you’re on an Enterprise plan, the admin can enable the integration in the Integrations section of the company dashboard:

If you’re a customer on other plans using SSO (single sign-on), you must contact Mural Support to enable the Zoom integration.

Zoom admin implementation

To see the most updated Zoom implementation instructions, check out Zoom's Admin deployment of Zoom Apps article.

Zoom’s support article will walk you through how to:

End user implementation instructions

We’re excited for you to experience this integration as a collaborator! Check out our How to set up and use the Mural App for Zoom support article for end users.

Ways to share

Once you click the Share a mural button from within the Mural App for Zoom, you get to choose your own adventure.

You can take the journey of a fully embedded Collaborate mode or you can share via the Regular mode.

Here’s how these modes differ:

Collaborate mode

Regular mode

Requires Zoom host or co-host



Usable in breakout rooms



Requires participants to install Zoom before they can view the mural



Requires participants to install Zoom before they can interact with the mural



Requires participants to log in to Mural before they can view the mural


No (unless visitors aren't enabled)

Requires participants to log in to Mural before they can interact with the mural



Check out our support article to learn the specific steps to share a mural through the Mural App for Zoom.

Collaborate mode

A Zoom host or co-host can choose to put the Mural App for Zoom in Collaborate mode by clicking the Collaborate button in the top bar of the Mural App for Zoom:

When you click the Collaborate button, Zoom will send a pop-up notification, inviting the other attendees to collaborate on the mural.

If participants choose to join the collaboration, the Mural App for Zoom will open for them. If they choose not to collaborate, they will have a regular view of the host’s screen share and not be able to interact with the mural from within Zoom.

Collaborate mode benefits

Here are some great things about Collaborate mode:

  • More screen real estate and no separate windows; the mural is fully embedded in your Zoom screen.

  • Zoom participants can collaborate in the mural even if they haven't installed the Mural App for Zoom. (The meeting host still needs to have the Mural App for Zoom installed in order to start Collaborate mode, though!)

  • Easily record murals within Zoom meetings with a single click!

Collaborate mode restrictions

There are some restrictions with Collaborate mode:

  • Only a host or co-host can start Collaborate mode.

  • Collaborate mode can’t be used in breakout rooms.

Regular mode

Any Zoom participant can invite the other participants to use the Mural App for Zoom. But, unless you’re a host or co-host, you can only collaborate in Regular mode. Regular mode works in breakout rooms (whereas Collaborate mode doesn’t).

For a more embedded experience, ask the host or co-host to enable Collaborate mode.

When you invite someone to use the Mural App for Zoom, Zoom will send a pop-up notification to each participant inviting them to view the mural. Also, a message sends in the Zoom chat from you to Everyone with a View button

Regular mode restrictions

With Regular mode, your view of the mural isn’t as front-and-center as if you’re using Collaborate mode. If you’re a host or co-host and want to facilitate a more user-friendly, truly embedded Zoom meeting, consider giving Collaborate mode a try.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about the Mural App for Zoom:

  • Are the murals shared through the Zoom App dependent on the visitor link functionality?

    Nope. The integrated canvas experience in the Mural App for Zoom should enforce the same permissions as Mural in the browser.

  • What is the max timer for refreshing? Is there a hard time limit before the user has to re-authenticate with their Zoom/Mural credentials?

    The refresh happens automatically. So, if you go through the authentication flow, end a meeting, and start another meeting within a certain amount of time, you’ll still be authenticated. Our refresh token is valid for up to six hours before needing to re-authenticate.

  • My mural has visitors disabled and a Zoom attendee isn’t a Mural member. What should I do?

    The Zoom participants can view the mural you're sharing in Zoom, even if they don't have a Mural account. But, in order to join or interact with the mural, they must create and log in to a Mural account.

Helpful resources

Here are some great resources for using the Mural App for Zoom:

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