When you log into MURAL, you're taken to the Home view in the workspace dashboard. Click the Home tab to return here at any time.

At the top of Home, you'll always find Your recently opened murals. Here, you can scan through murals you've looked at, sorted by most recently opened.

Below your recently opened murals, you’ll find a row of suggested templates based on what you’ve used in the past. The goal of these recommendations is to help you find even more ways to work in MURAL, kickstarting your imagination and collaboration. For example, if you’ve used our To-Do List template, we might suggest a template for campaign planning, or even an annual calendar template to help you keep things organized further in advance.

With the curated content in this row, you can find an idea for something you might never have thought possible in MURAL otherwise. Keep in mind that, since this row relies on your previous use of templates, you won’t see it unless you’ve created a mural using a template from the Home view before.

The next row is where the magic happens. You have the option of viewing recommended templates based on your company role (which you can voluntarily set in your MURAL profile). If you’ve entered your team and role information, MURAL intelligently fills this row with templates to help you work even faster.

Note: Members who have not previously inputted this information may receive a prompt to do so the first time they land on Home. Both team and role info are optional fields, and can always be edited or added later from the profile settings page.

For example, a UX Designer is shown some recommended User Experience templates:

And an Instructor is shown templates relevant to a teaching role:

If you're a newbie and haven't been using MURAL long, the Recommended learning row has you covered. Here, you're guided along your MURAL path to enlightenment through learning content specifically aimed at helping new members.

And, once you've become familiar with MURAL, this row will change to show you more advanced topics.

Remember, this personalized section is completely optional. While it can help create a more personalized and improved MURAL experience, we know not everyone will want to share this information. If you choose not to share your role information, you’ll still have access to the Home view where you’ll find your recently accessed murals and popular templates.

The Popular templates row shows our most popular templates in MURAL. This way, you can pick from our most effective templates at all times.

Click the Murals tab to view your recently opened murals, favorite murals, and murals recently modified.

Click the Templates tab to focus entirely on template options. You're always shown our wonderful MURAL-created templates, templates specific to your workspace, and any custom templates your team has created.

Click the Learning tab to visit Learning. Here, you'll find interactive content and media that teaches members of all levels how to get more out of MURAL and make fantastic, collaborative masterpieces. (Seriously, check it out and grow your MURAL brain!) 🎓

Whether you're a MURAL newbie or a seasoned researcher (go, data, go!) you'll always find content relevant to you on the Home view.

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