Facilitators can point a virtual laser on-screen to bring attention to mural content as they present or explain. It’s a fast way to focus your collaborators on specific sections, mimicking the spontaneity of an in-person session. And, it feels organic and fun!

To use the laser pointer:

  1. As a facilitator, do one of the following:

    1. Hold the H key.

    2. Click the laser pointer button in the top bar.

    3. Click the laser pointer button in the presentation mode bar.

  2. Move the laser pointer to highlight the content you would like to draw attention to.

  3. When done, release the H key or press Escape.


  • You must be a facilitator in order to use the laser pointer.

  • When you enter draw mode or start a voting session, the laser pointer will deactivate automatically.

  • We're not responsible for any harm to your mural caused by excited cats.

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