The Mural macOS app
Add Mural to your macOS dock to quickly jump in and out of collaboration sessions!
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The Mural macOS app allows Mural members to use Mural as an application on a Mac or MacBook running macOS. Now you can be more productive with Mural and quickly jump into a collaboration session without getting your murals lost in a sea of browser tabs or windows.

Once you've installed the app, you can log in just as you would on the web app version of Mural.

Note: Integrations are not available on the macOS app.


Use tabs on the macOS app

With the desktop app, you can now even have multiple tabs open to collaborate more efficiently.

To enable tabs in the macOS app:

  1. Open the Mural app on your computer.

  2. Click View in the top toolbar of your computer.

  3. Select Show tab bar.

Now, you'll see the tab bar across the top of the app's window. You can click the + (plus) icon to add more tabs. Or, you can open any mural in a new tab from the dashboard by holding the Command key and clicking on the mural tile.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Does the Mural macOS app have the same security and admin controls as the web app?

Yes. All of the same security and admin controls apply to the app. Permissions set in Mural will be applied in the app as well.

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