The Jira Software Cloud integration allows product managers, designers, and engineers to use MURAL to do product planning and strategy both quickly and easily. Leverage visual collaboration to plan, explore, understand, align on, and prioritize various product investments or activities exported from JIRA, resulting in new innovations, faster decision making, and clearer strategy.

You now have the ability to import issues from JIRA and Export from MURAL.

Importing issues from JIRA

  1. Right-click on the mural and choose Import Jira Issues

  2. Filter the issues to import based on Project, Issue Type, and Priority. Alternatively, you can use JQL to perform more detailed and complex queries.

  3. Select individual or multiple issues to import.

Exporting from MURAL

  1. Right-click on the sticky note or multiple sticky notes and choose 'Send to Jira'

  2. You’ll be prompted to complete the required fields to create a new Jira Issue (based on the requirements set in the customer’s particular instance)

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